FlagShip Addons

I released a new version of a set of addon-tools for FlagShip compiler. This time, a new release of fssockets is available for new Linux flavours.

Those using the last 99's version are invited to update. fsthreads was also released in order to expand FlagShip capabilities to a new an extended multithreaded design. Mail client class available in order to send SMTP emails. Also high level FlagShip classes will be added in future releases. feel free to mail me ocarriles@eolos.la (Oscar Carriles) to get a quote for your platform- brief on fssockets FlagShip BSD socket library rel 1.1 2013 ocarriles@eolos.la -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

The FlagShip BSD socket library gives FlagShip the power to deal with Client/Server communication with Thread support over TCP and UDP thru a high level Object Oriented interface. What are their components? fslibsocket.a socket level library and classes bsdsocket.fh class and method prototypes for backward compatibility thread.fh Thread prototype socket.fh TCP Socket prototype serversocket.fh TCP Server Socket prototype dgramsocket.fh UDP Socket prototype dgramssocket.fh UDP Server Socket prototype datagrampacket.fh UDP Datagram prototype inet.fh InetAddress prototype tserver.prg sample reliable multiclient server program tmonoserver.prg sample reliable server program inet.prg sample of address resolution tthread.prg sample thread launcher for tserver tclient.prg sample reliable client program receive.prg sample unreliable server program send.prg sample unreliable client program threadtest.prg sample miltithreaded program tmail.prg sample SMTP mail sender program Makefile make script for building samples fssocket.doc this document release.doc notes on this release What are available classes? InetAddress host, address and port management DatagramSocket unreliable UDP client datagrams DatagramServerSocket unreliable UDP server datagrams DatagramPacket unreliable packetizing of data ServerSocket reliable TCP server connections Socket reliable TCP client connections Thread multiThread support Mail reliable SMTP client Additional details are in the fssocket.doc file in the package. http://www.eolos.la/fship/fssockets.tgz Download a DEMO Package! (Linux 2.6) Enjoy!