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SmartSBC (c) is a general purpose security framework for Session Border Controlling (SBC) keeping in mind two general considerations:

a) be smart, to be a step ahead firewalling techniques and to introduce to dynamic adaptation with complex and variable threat heuristics policies.
b) be pluguble, to allow more protection strategies to be available and focused on random threats.

2. Design
SmartSBC (c) is a multithreaded service which contains serverla embeded and pluguble modules:

a) Realtime Log file mining module.

This subservice module is responsible to analize certain patterns reported in log files in order to detect possible intrusion threats.
You can configure your own pattern in your own lof file in order to trigger alerts or take actions.
b) Schedule module.

This subservice module is responsible to trigger certain action based on cron strategies.
c) Plugin module.

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The Eolos Session Border Controller (SBC) is a device regularly deployed in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks to exert control over the signaling and usually also the media streams involved in setting up, conducting, and tearing down telephone calls or other interactive media communications.

SBCs commonly maintain full session state and offer the following functions:

  • Security – protect the network and other devices from:
    • Malicious attacks such as a denial-of-service attack (DoS) or distributed DoS
    • Toll fraud via rogue media streams
    • Topology hiding
    • Malformed packet protection
    • Encryption of signaling (via TLS and IPSec) and media (SRTP)
  • WebRTC Gateway and Connectivity – allow different parts of the network to communicate through the use of a variety of techniques such as:
    • NAT traversal
    • SIP normalization via SIP message and header manipulation
    • IPv4 to IPv6 interworking
    • VPN connectivity
    • Protocol translations between SIP, SIP Over WebSockets
  • Quality of service – the QoS policy of a network and prioritization of flows is usually implemented by the SBC. It can include such functions as:
    • Traffic policing
    • Resource allocation
    • Rate limiting
    • Call admission control
    • ToS/DSCP bit setting
  • Regulatory – many times the SBC is expected to provide support for regulatory requirements such as:
    • emergency calls prioritization and
    • lawful interception
  • Media services – many of the new generation of SBCs also provide built-in digital signal processors (DSPs) to enable them to offer border-based media control and services such as:
    • DTMF relay and interworking
    • Media transcoding
    • Tones and announcements
    • Data and fax interworking
    • Support for voice and video calls
  • Statistics and billing information – since all sessions that pass through the edge of the network pass through the SBC, it is a natural point to gather statistics and usage-based information on these sessions.

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Eolos Voip Audit is a Visual Framework Tool to scan/sniff address space, enumerate users, crack credentials, pattern based dial spoofing and security reporting for Voip protocols.
This software is intended to give a general framework to build and plug Voip protocol analizers in order to fix security issues and enhance VoiP platforms confidence.
It IS NOT intended to be a cracking tool for malicious system breakers, but a really software MUST for security people to assure Voip platform security.

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oSKY (OpenSKY) is a full communication framework to implement PSoTN (Public Social Telephony Network).
In contrast with PSTN (Public Switched Telephony Network), oSKY intends to implement an open paradigm in the internet domain, gaining more than 100 years of experience from traditional telephone network.
oSKY goals:
-enhanced security (SSL, SCTP)
-embedded NAT tunneling
-Global title discovering on Internet style
-Peer2Peer mode and Gateway mode
-more to come …
oSKY project drivers:
– drastically reduce bandwidth usage by performing smart lookup of enum numbering space.
avoiding PSTN outbound trunking when not necessary and linking IPPABXs in the internet domain with failover capabilities.

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Java JTAPI implementation for gnugk Gatekeeper

Descargar Eolos H323 OpenGK JTAPI

Marconi is a Multipurpose script language for telephony applications

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